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08 December 2009



I would feel sorry for Hannibal. If I wasn't human.


the fourth: doors are meant to be open always stoopid hooman.

Sheepish Annie

Aww..poor Hannibal. I can see the shame. And disdain. That is a combination only a cat can pull off!


Whew! I am SO glad he's ok.


One winter a while back, our big cat Goblin was missing for a week. He finally came home, smelling of fresh dirt and with one ear tip frostbitten. We figured he'd gotten shut in someone's garage or shed. (We had neither at the time.)
Glad your little wanderer made it back safe and sound.


At least he didn't do what my sister-in-law's cat did when I was catsitting: run off three days before they came back from a long holiday. We did find him... in the pub... stuck between the ceiling of the groundfloor and first floor, smelling of fags and cheap beer (Stella, no doubt, it was Brussels after all).


The felines never learn....Benny's been locked in the storage closet at least once a month for every month we've had him, no less than 60. Glad you found him!


I'm glad he's OK, I was a little worried when the post started.


Oh, little kitteh. So glad you're warm now!


Poor silly kitteh.


You know what they say....kittehs don't have owners, they have staff.

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

Poor cat. On the other hand, it is entirely his own fault.

I always know where my dogs are. They are always touching me. (2700 square feet in this house, and all 200 pounds of them needs to be in the same two square feet--wherever I am.)

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