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20 December 2009



The cat house is amazing! I tried to talk Jack into putting a catwalk in one room but no dice. Love the colors too.

You find the best stuff.

mary lou

Those improv everywhere guys are great! My sister and I had a book of rather sick Kliban cartoons that we loved. "Raisins 5 cents." became one of our lines - this was under a picture of rabbits pooping on a conveyor belt.


Thanks for the guerilla handbells. That just made me happy!


Oh, those handbells made me happy. And that piece reminded me how beautiful New York is at Christmastime. The Salvation Army bell-ringer was totally stupefied, wasn't he? And I hope that increased donations right then for him. :)


Oops. Dang, I meant to try to be clever and post that as "Reagan"!!!!!


Would he go for it if you tamed down the colors a titch?


Oh, that bell-ringer video is SO COOL. Thanks!


damn. the handbells choked me up a bit. in a happy, touching way. thank you.
the cat house, aMAzing!
those were some great cartoons too ;^)


Re Norma / Reagan, it's like when you search eBay and it says No, we don't have any bras but perhaps you would be interested in these carpet tiles? Drives me crazy.


So, do you think this cat-walk sort of thing would add to or detract from the resale value of my home? What a fun thing to do!
I want to do it, I want to start now! My kids want me to do this (they want me to finish Holiday Shopping first).
DH would likely balk.
perhaps the NEXT house...


I *love* Improv Everywhere. They're such a great group...did you see the frozen Grand Central Station? It was magical.

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