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30 December 2009



I've been knitting in hot pink too... the Vanilla Twist hat (Rav link) and a scarf adapted from the same pattern, for my 6yo daughter. Added white flowers to each, and a pink/white pompom to the hat, at her request. :) (I don't have a problem with pink, myself.)


I have not been knitting hot pink. At all. :)


Love the name of the pink yarn!

I use Jean Christensen's toe up pattern which you could easily do a slip stitch heel on - check with The Yarnery or email me.


The Lovely Daughter and I made a herringbone scarf (her) and mittens (me) in neon pepto-dismal pink for our darling daughter- (or sister-)
in-love last year. Painful. PAINFUL! Daughter's used her extry up on other projects; my leftovers lurk down in the stash, alternately snarling and whimpering. When the right project for it comes along, I'll know it. Envision me, shuddering.


I like pastel pink. Sometimes. Usually when mixed (in small amounts) with grey. Those socks are Mighty Pink. You really must like her. . . which is so nice.


Those are some PINK! socks.


They are perfect!

Cindy G

Love the cables (and the color name). I myself don't mind pink and think these are very cute, but it really is an act of love to complete a project in a color that sets your teeth on edge.


First thought that came to mind: It can only be for love!!


Happy new year to you!

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