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10 December 2009



Just trying to imagine Smokey doing something like that. :-)

When we went to Hawai'i a few years back, we drove by all of those beaches and my cousin took us snorkeling at a nearby cove. It's a very different ocean in the summer, though, and there no way I'd get in it this time of year.


I know 2 somebody's who'd like to give that a shot, and 1 somebody who will claim to want to try it but would totally chicken out. I however would be on the beach with my hands over my eyes except for where I peak through them to make sure my people come out in one piece and I don't miss a thing.


I wouldn't mind just hanging out on the beach...


amazing surfing photos, thankful for your thoughtful care by sharing this treasure.


Well - I wouldn't do it either, but it does look sort of fun...


Well. . . maybe it's more an issue of geography than testosterone!


Dude, YEA. Although, if one of mine felt sufficiently compelled, I suspect I'd find a way to accept that some passions, despite the dangers, have to be embraced.

This feeling is probably brought on by my having just read CRAZY FOR THE STORM by Norman Ollestad. Seems like surfing and embracing dangerous passions saved his life.


Sorry, I know what you're getting at, but when I see the pic, I thought, I bet those guys are warm. Which is not the same as hot, although they probably are. I mean warm as in 80 degrees and sunny.

It's 3 above here. I wanna go to Hawaii and sit on the beach. Will someone please tell Santa.

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