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17 December 2009



Here's a link for you that I discovered on another blog (joannasfood.blogspot):


Something to think about, eh?

Thanks for your post. It is always good to be nudged into gratefulness.


That Ben Franklin was a pretty smart guy, eh?

Miss T

Ditto. Except for the beer part.


Homer - so eloquent. :)


Excellent choices!


I find myself equally tickled by all the things not highlighted in the photos.. the toothbrush, the green canister next to the espresso maker (I had that canister set!). Not being much of a beer drinker.. although I have had beers that I certainly enjoyed (thanks to my daughter)...the crock with the charger clip.. must be a beer thing?
and yes, very thankful.


I have a feeling Mr.Motorcycle is about to think that Ben Franklin was about the smartest guy ever. Personally, I've always been a fan with the exception of his suggestion that a turkey be the country's symbol...


You mean. . . you're supposed to DO something with the self-cleaning oven feature?

I love this post! We have so very much to be thankful for.


I miss Leinie's.


What's that onion holder?? We TOTALLY need one!

mary lou

Yes, onion holder info please? And agree, so much to be thankful for.


Someday we'll have a drink together. I'll bring my measuring cup :D

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