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27 December 2009




Or my neighborhood skunk.


That'd be a fun toy to have, but I'm thinking it'd be well outside my price range.


That is astonishing. We've got a barn owl - possibly two - hanging around the apartment buildings right now. They're huge!


Wow. Just Wow.


Very cool how those talons open up! Probably some math thing involved, or is that biology is math??


Beeyooootiful! Found I had to watch it a few times.

- Someone who is glad she is not a shrew/mouse/vole/Cookie's skunk.


Nice shot!

I recently saw a raptor pick off some critter as I was driving down Old Shakopee Road near Mall of America - It was an amazing thing to see.

Cindy G

Also Wow!


Owls are so beautiful! Very cool, Kat.


That was absolutely amazing! Man I love raptors!

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