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03 January 2010



Good luck with those resolutions!

The stash reducing ones are the hardest :-) I've got a very good limit: as long as it fits into the big zip bag from the mattress topper, I can grab it and run out of the house in case of fire or floods:-) (And yes, it does fit)

P.S. Mr beest thinks the name of your blog sounds like the name of a band. When is your first CD coming out? ;-)


Hooray for you for taking time to resolve. My resolutions sit in a cloudy gray area in the recesses of my mind waiting to come to fruition. Add me to this list of alcoholic fathers and a misspent youth dating the same.


If you have some charity yarn (aka, scratchy) that you don't think you'll use, I have a friend here in town who works with refugees, and she's asked if I know where she can get yarn on the cheap for a Bangladeshi woman who makes baskets and such out of them.


I need to work on reducing my stash, too. I was actually pretty good in 2009, for the most part, and my latest mittens were total stash busters. My first 2010 project, though, is newly purchased yarn - Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool to make a child's sweater. I'll be sending that over to Afghanistan, though, so it won't be in stash for long. You might consider Afghans for Afghans for charitable knitting (I'm sending this to a cousin who's stationed there to pass along to a local).


Good for you - on resolutions past and present. Congrats on past accomplishments and good luck with this year's challenges.

Mary Lou

Happy New Year. Glad to hear you quit smoking. I haven't quite got the speeding down yet myself..


Good luck! You're right, by the way, sock yarn does count. At some point it may actually start to take over the stash. ;)


That kimono sweater is really going to be lovely. And warm. Great knitting resolutions. I'm still thinking on mine. . . but they're definitely going to follow the stash-busting theme.


I like the resolutions! The raglan pattern looks like a winner, I might have to try a top-down sweater this year.

Julia G

Good luck with your resolutions -- very inspiring, especially the sock yarn clause! And thanks for sharing your year -- there is always so much to be grateful for when we take time to pay attention.


Heh, tricksy resolutions, you. :) So one of the best things ever for helping me keep my driving speed down? My car's spedometer reading 5 mph faster than actual speed. I FEEL like I'm speeding like crazy, but not so much. :D


Enjoyed your resolutions.
Years ago, I resolved not to make resolutions. Only one I've ever been able to stick with...


use up stash? or use up your stash?
'cause if I swore to use up my stash I'd have to start knitting on boat oars with many strands at a time... or get a machine...
AND do nothing else for the year including read, sleep, blog...

But I will be trying to use up more of my stash.


Good list. Totally doable, but no one will die if you don't do it. That's always a plus. ;^)

Miss T

Use up stash??? That would only prompt me to acquire more stash.

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