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22 February 2010



Hey, that yarn lamp is in my list for linkity this week, too!

Indeed, a perfect doggy fortune. :)


The lampshade is beautiful in an almost ethereal way. The fortune cookies were a mad stroke of luck, and the colors of the raglan completely overwhelm me. With jealousy.


I love that lampshade.

Yay for good fortunes and fortune cookies!


I made tons of those string lampshades in grade school in the early 60's. I'd forgotten about them till now. Must have been in vogue then too!!


That's funny - I, too, made the string/yarn lanterns back when. It involved liquid starch and a balloon... fun!

We always stop by a fortune cookie factory in Chinatown in SFO to buy a bag of "golden coins" for $2 - it's fortune cookie dough baked into circles. Deliciously addictive, especially with some tea!


No. 3 on the list: contractor bags;

"Thick, sturdy 3-mil contractor bags are the multitool of the disaster world. They’re tough enough to stuff with sharp debris, they work as an impromptu poncho or water barrier for leaky structures, and you can use them to drag heavy objects. "

Heavy objects. Heh.
I have read too many zombie books.


I'm looking forward to seeing the sweater. I really like the colours.

Sheepish Annie

I remember doing something similar to that lampshade in my schoolgirl days. I wonder how leftover bits of sock yarn would look as a lamp here at the manse? Using up the sock yarn is good for lightening up the load in my survival kit, right?

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