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09 February 2010



Do they coordinate with the kimono sweater?


No holes in the short-row toes or heels; I bow down before you! I apparently don't hold my tongue just right when I knit SR heels because I always have holey socks. Would be OK if I were a nun but since I'm not....:-P


Do you suppose non-knitters ever take pictures of their toes?
Love the socks. Just colorful enough!


Whaddaya mean

"It's a pair of socks, though, so don't get too excited."


Socks are wonderful and your latest pair are terrific!


I think finishing a pair of socks IS pretty exciting!

Big Alice

Oooh, I like those! Especially the little line of yellow just before the blue toes.


You're on fire!

Great socks!


They look like mighty fine & warm socks.


I love those colors! Great combination -- and fun without being obnoxious. Lovely!

Cathie Jones

I love Wendy's socks, too, but have better luck with the slip stitch heel. You did a great job with the short rows!!!


I love many colored socks. And the yellow line between foot and toe will be very handy if the time comes that you need to replace the toes.

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