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21 April 2010



I guess I'll take nerd and geek, eh?


Excellent explanation in just a few words! Love eeet.


That is terrific!

Molly Bee

At long last! A definitive diagnosis! I'm a Geek!


Hmm, as an accountant who has worked extensively in the software industry, I would think it more accurate to switch the 'nerd' and 'geek' areas on the diagram. Geeks are generally more socially inept than nerds. This coming from someone who has defined herself as a nerd by degree (BBAd in Public Accounting) and a geek by vocation (software test engineer.)


Ah, so I've been correct in calling myself a geek. Good to know.


No, I think geek and nerd are where they belong. I am a geek who associates with nerds, by choice. They have better toys, overall.


LOL - very clever!


All this time I thought I was a dork, when I was actually a dweeb on the cusp of nerdness. Or a nerd on the cusp of dweebness, depending on the day...


And here I thought I was a geek, only to discover I'm really a nerd. Thank goodness we've cleared that up.


P.S. My verification string was 5gzcpu. I'm not sure what the z is for, but it was strangely apropos.


Perfect. Absolutely perfect. :-)


Wow. I'm such a geek/nerd that I wanted to print that out for my office. Thank you, thank you very much.


:) I think only a geek/nerd would print that out for the office.

But I am one of them.

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