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24 April 2010







Great laughs for a gloomy Saturday afternoon!

mary Lou

I am still laughing. I have one of those emailers, and yes, once in a while what they send is worth it.


Mad cow! Swine flu! BAhahahahahahahaha. Gonna go wipe up my 'puter now.


In my world, those forwards are sent by my mom, and, as much as I really like you, nope, I'm not gonna open them, even for the rare gold. I've actually observed the larger phenomenon of forwards as an Activity of those over 63. My mom and her friends spend much of their days on such stuff. And it hurts me.

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

Hey...you know my mother, too? ;)

Cindy G

Those are a treat.

Ya know, I have an older lady friend who sends me this kind of stuff, but her political bent is decidedly liberal. Still too much forwarding, but at least I know it won't hurt to look at.


Yeah, I've got one of those forwarders in my family. The problem is, if I thank her for the occasional funny, that's just encouraging the bad behavior, so mostly she goes unnoticed. Doesn't seem to change the behavior.


Great way to start the day!

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

I saw this post the other day but didn't have time to read it, so I came back. I'm glad I did! I totally needed that. :)


Oh man, that provided a much needed laugh! The dog and the cat in the car alone was worth it!


All fun, but my personal faves are the two with horses ... thanks


My favorite: the hummingbird one. 2nd fav, dog and cat in the car. 3rd fav: the skunks

Sheepish Annie

So true. Every once in a while, it's worth opening those "I sent this to you my dear friend and my million other dear friends" emails. It makes up for all the others...

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