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31 May 2010


Cindy G

Lenny's minion does nice work!

Safe travels and happy vacation knitting.


As you prepare for your summer vacation I thought I'd quickly check in and tell you that your divine scarf has reappeared in my wardrobe as winter is now upon us Down Under. Your scarf brightens and warms my days, and I think of you often.

Eleanor xxxx


Looks very spacious!!

Sending anti-itching thoughts your way...


Ohhhh, My two words: have fun!

And don't worry about that carbon footprint - you'll still be doing less damage than those of us who fly everywhere. (mea maxima culpa)

Be sure to post pictures for us.


Can you raise the roof? And is it sort of like a camper? I'm not so savvy with the conversion vans... sure looks spacious and comfy, tho!


What soxanne says. Next year, better get yourself a tandem or a rail pass if you want a low-carbon holiday! (or do what we did last year, and actually go on holiday less than 20 miles from your front door. We took the bus...)


Oh excellent! Close the door and go!! (And lots of space for yarn (you know, under the seat.)

Safe travels! (Good luck with the dr tomorrow.)


Hoping the doctor has a simple explanation and solution. Itch, itch, go away...
Looks like you'll be knitting and camping in style!


I am so flamingly jealous. In my own low-energy sort of way.


Super-looking van! We have a camper but it's not so comfy-seeming. I have little desire to go. Good luck with the MD; let us know.


You know, that looks like fun. Will you sleep in the van or a tent? Be sure to remember us and take lots of pics.


Woo Hoo!

Lennie and the Minions did a great job.

Fingers crossed it's an itchless holiday!



wheeee! this had Adrian Belew's Motor Bungalow tripping through my head ;^)
Hope the rash is going away, getting better.
love the signs in the previous post.

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