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25 October 2010



Yow! I so need to go home and finish this (started over the summer).

Possibly the problem may be simple that I am Not home. ;)

Excellent work. How did you avoid a case of startitis?


Thanks for sharing! I love seeing pics of other people's stashes and organisation. Maybe because I don't really have a stash to speak of. That's my own choice, I get nervous if there is too much wool around to be knitted up, as if it is all shouting out at me at the same time to knit it up right here and now (or why do you think that PhD is taking for-bloody-ever?)


Nice job, it looks great!


Wanna do mine next?

Big Alice

ooh, so pretty! I love seeing other people's stashes.
Mine really needs an organization and an overhaul. ugh.




Woo Hoo!

Is it wrong that I see your stash and think you need lace weight? Don't answer that...


I recently saw the Harlot's re-org of her small room and keep thinking "I should do that"... Like yours, mine SEEMS organized, but, well... Maybe over the weekend I'll actually do something about it. Or not. I was into it the other day looking for a ball band of the yarn I made the red scarf with, and thought "ohmygawd, I have a lot of yarn, wtf was I thinking buying more???"


Oh, and I like that all your bins are clear (I have a big one that isn't) AND that you put signs in them! Yes, you might need some laceweight...


You know, I am in total stash-denial. I have it. (In fact, I have a lot of it.) I store it. Once in a while I reorganize it. But now, you've got me a bit inspired. The whole labeling thing. The organizing by color. I might need to try that. (But, of course, I would have to dig myself out of denial. . .)


Nice! You're inspirational.


you have inspired me -plus I was looking for some special yarn I had put aside for a pair of maine mornig mitts & had to rip apart 3 shelves of yarn to find it! .... so I think it's time to reorganize... plus I am interested in your sugar n' creme cones!! I live in Valparaiso IN

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

It is so satisfying to reorganize the stash! I always find so many goodies I forgot I had. I'm not very good about getting rid of the stuff I don't want, though. I still have three large bins of stuff to go in the top of my closet six months after my last reorganization.


Oh dear, I think I love you. Now I don't feel so bad about my stash. I've taken to keeping it in two different closets so it doesn't look like so much.

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