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14 November 2010



Wow -- on a number of counts. Just wow.

Cindy G



You're so lucky! We're still waiting for our first big dump of snow.


Glad the tree didn't hit anyone or anything.

Mary Lou

We lost a big branch on the pine tree where the red tails nest. It came down as I was standing at the window a few feet away. Scared me.


Pretty snow! :D Goodness, that is a lot. o.O

I'm so glad the limb missed everything it could potential dent!


Whoa...that's really all I can say.


The worst thing at our house was the hip-high pile of concrete slush that the snowplow left at the end of our driveway. Snowblower and I did NOT like it.


I thought of you when I saw that news. You're the only one in Minnesota that I know. you are in Minnesota aren't you?

Window Watcher

Beautiful pixs.

Sheepish Annie

I heard tell you guys were getting quite the weather event. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that yet, though. Maybe in another month. And only if it means I get a snow day...


Yikes! But I agree, 70 degrees (even 55 degrees) in November in these northern states just is not right...


Oh, my. Just oh, my.
We've had spitting snow, but nothing real. (I should bite my tongue - I may have called it down on us...)

Big Alice

Well, um, good news? Or at least bad with a silver lining?
Happy winter!


Holy Crap!


Wow. It's so beautiful!


Yikes! That's, uhm, a startling (and lucky) start to the winter season. May the rest be easy.

Yarnhog (Suzanne)

Wow. Living where I do, I often forget about weather. How does one get a fallen tree removed from the driveway?


Look how pretty! Glad it missed the cars.

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