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24 November 2010



I share your uneasy relationship with gravity, ever since Holli caused me to fall on my head and get a concussion. Stupid dog.


Wow... that is some ice storm report. Barefoot? I wonder if the socks would have give you any friction? Probably not.

Nice mittenly knitting, too.


That ice is pretty scary. Glad you're safe. I don't know if I could have done the barefoot thing.

Dale-Harriet down here in Madtown

Yurp, life in Wisconsin. Or Life in Minnesota. Meme chose meme chose, as they say in French (that may mean "go have some tea"; my French is notoriously weak). So far we've avoided all that, being way down south, but it's coming, oh yes it is. We in Madison tend to import our weather DIRECTLY from the Twin Cities, sooner or later.

Those mittens are fanTAStic! Ever since managing the Mason-Dixon wonky dishrag I've thought about going in for color-change lessons....I love some fair isle but put it together with microsurgery. STAY SAFE! (Gravity + me...same thing too.)

Window Watcher

"...and we all fall down'." Sheesh! Maybe you need to carry with you larger needles...like ski poles to dig into it and pull yourself across. Glad you made it sans injury.


Ice storms are so terrifying! When I was growing up in Alaska I had these slip-on cleat thingies you can buy for your shoes. It's the only way to walk on ice! (And I do mean the ONLY way.)

Mary Lou

I just looked out the window. I've heard that wool socks work on ice, but have no personal experience. Glad you made it in one piece.



But I'm sorry, BAREFOOT??? My tootsies would have rebelled. I would consider crawling. You're closer to the ground and don't have as far to fall ;)

Excellent mittens - love the color work.


Ah, winter! We are having some snow right now.


Ack!! My Reynaudey feet would've fallen off!

Sheepish Annie

Yikes! I was on the edge of my seat for this post. I was sure you were going to say that you fell and broke about forty seven different bones! We might get a little ice tomorrow night, but nothing on that level. Good idea to stay in and not risk another trip out there!


Eek. I would have crawled. I guess it's too early in the year for the community center to realize they should have allowed people to stay overnight. Ice is an emergency in my book.


Oy, barefoot! I am putting on an extra pair of socks for you right now.....


This is one of the best descriptions of that kind of ice that I've ever read; you completely took me there with you. I'm more someone who drops to her knees or rear end and just drags herself across the worst patches. Do you have any Yack Trax or Ice Bugs, btw? Life changing!


Oh, I was holding my breath through the whole post - I was so afraid you had fallen again!
I've done the barefoot-on-ice thing, too. Not fun, but beats the hell out of a bunch of broken bones!
Yak Trax. Only way to go. Though mine are usually in the car when I'm in the house, or vice versa...




oh. my. god.

I've been extra careful because of last year's wrist but I have not (and hopefully will not ever) gone barefoot in the ice.

Don't really know what to say. Just OMG.

Love the mitts, btw.


That sound so scary! I can't believe you walked across ice barefoot. I would've cried.

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