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23 December 2010



They can't find your results?! Ack!!

Heh, all two Christmases working for B Dalton's and having to wrap presents taught me was that I hatez it, I doez, so I'm super sloppy when I wrap now.


Cool idea, they look like they'd make good cat toys too.

We're going to have to keep our fingers crossed a while longer. Hope you get your answers soon.


How are you liking the Bryson? I've got it on the coffee table in the next up to read position. :)

Fingers crossed you get your results very, very soon!


The other question, of course, is whether the radiologist has read the scan yet and/or whether the report has been transcribed and transmitted. So many ridiculous layers. Personally, I'd probably be having a Leinie's while I was waiting, particularly since it's damn near impossible to find here in New England.


To me, it seems like adding wool balls to the dryer would cause static rather than eliminate it. Distant memories of childhood science experiments - rubbing objects with wool and then sticking them to walls.
And can't you stick a cat to the ceiling by rubbing it with a balloon? (Or maybe the other way round...)

I hope all your med people get their communication together soon. Still sending positive thoughts.

Cindy G

Headdesk, indeed. Hang in there.

As one whose wrapping skills are, um, minimal, the two most imortant words in my gift season vocabulary are: Gift. Bags.

Hope your holiday time with family is good and may even involve some of that Leinies.


I used to like to wrap things up in plain paper and do fancy things w/ pine and cedar twigs, but who has time for that now? I manage to get the paper on, but rarely any ribbon...

So, I've only been skimming blogs lately (that time thing), what's going on in your head?? Have you read a book called "How Doctors Think"? I'm nearly done w/ it and think it's a great read... I am in process of setting up a neurologist appt in Boston, and the book has helped me frame some things.


The Leinie's COULD be a Christmas present. Just sayin'.

I'm reading backwards so already know the good results. If only I could have told past you!

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