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09 December 2010



And the lesson here... Public Transportation is the way to go!!!! (I'm not complaining about my hilly street ever again. . .)


That's almost as steep as my driveway...


My first thought was 'what the hell are those people doing? They are going to kill someone.' Oh, right, UK, drive on the left. Then take the bus!


In Norway we have something called winter tires,I really recommend them!


Take public transport, but only if it's available (not here). I was thinking, what, is there like 2 inches of snow there? And I was thinking rather belittling thoughts. And then I remembered the other morning, our first snowfall this year, with similar road conditions, and how I skidded down the hill, brakes pressed down, no stopping or slowing and realizing that it was just like the dream I had the night before (and frequently) of not being able to stop. And then I did, no harm. I wonder if the Norwegians have studs and chains?


I'll see your awesome British bus, and raise you a hapless Seattle bus sliding slowly, inexorably to its doom:


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