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07 January 2011



That bag is gorgeous, girl. Buy a new coat to go with it!!


Oh, yeah. Coat shopping is called for...
Lovely bag. Just lovely.


The bag is fabulous (nice iCord too).

I agree - time for a new coat. They're all on sale, so you can save a lot of money ;-)


Nice job! Sometimes, just finishing a project is enough.

Carrie K

I believe you might have made a cat bed that will accessorize splendidly with the cat toys.


It's a great looking bag! I can imagine the look on your face when you realized you knit twice the I-cord you needed.
; )


Oh, you totally should stuff those with catnip! And watch while they're savagely attacked and drooled on!


Fabulous bag!

Catnip in a sachet in a zipbag with the I-cord in order to pick up the scent without stuffing the nip up the I-cord. You can thank me later. ;^


Do you have enough spare i-cord to make braided i-cord handles? I love those - much less stretchy than regular i-cord handles.


Someone told me to put my catnip in a sock in the felted whatever - makes less of a mess that way.

Ned disagrees.

Mary Lou

Maybe you can get someone to line it for you, let them choose a hat from your stock.


You could use it for a project bag? You'll have to post pics of the new cat toys... love the feet pic with your window (that look like wee baby somethings), and that the pagans are helping to keep your hiways clean...

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