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04 January 2011



Great lists all the way around! A glass of wine is NOT a bedtime snack. It is an essential element of winding down. Just sayin'.


You forgot paper towel. I know I am scum for this, and I try to use as little as possible by ripping sheets into two or three pieces, but PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AWAY!!!!

I had to think, but yes, I ate two servings of grapes and an orange yesterday. It's easier to remember when you put them in your way. I should remember to be on the lookout for little apples.


"Note: I am eliminating the snacks, NOT the glass of wine. Just so we are clear on that."

I love that clarification! Good luck with the fruits and veggies. I know I always feel better when I eat them :)


Good thoughts. I agree on the wine, and will think about hats as carry along projects. Had not considered the substitution!


Doesn't wine count as fruit? ;^)



Carrie K

Your 11 and the mods make sense to me but I agree with Chris!


Can't you read books on the iPod? (I'll share my electronic versions!)

I actually pack all the fruit and vegi's and take them to work. No eating anything else until they're all gone. (Gawd that is annoying some days!)

Mittens also make great carry-along projects. I had to make a few pair before I could get too far without a pattern - but then it's like socks. I can't figure out how to add gloves to the mix - I still need the recipients fingers at some point.

Excellent list.


Cookie beat me to my comment. I'm pretty sure wine counts as fruit...

mary lou

Doesn't wine count as a fruit?

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