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13 January 2011



Maybe you could rock the socks-and-high-heels WITH the glow-in-the-dark Yak Trax AND the flannels-and-bibs. Just sayin'. You just made me start the day with a smile. (And socks with high heels? Just looks ridiculous. . . ) I want some glow-in-the-dark Yak Trax, though. So cool.


Oh yeah, I'm lovin' the little monster pants!! and.. those little pink shoes!!! as for the heels with socks.. not so much, socks yes, heels ever no.


So I am one of these secret blog followers who rarely comment, but the heels and socks thing, so totally 80's I lived in black pumps and little ruffled socks. I too love the monster pants, need to check that out.

Carrie K

I don't remember heels & socks in the 80's. I think it looks silly but I do love the idea of it.

It's important to be fiscally responsible.


I was 11 the last time I wore ruffled socks with "dress" shoes (Mary Janes, I'm sure, but not high-heeled) -- and it is STILL a painful memory. ; )

LOVE that li'l monster butt!


I have seen the anklet with the heels - and recently - I was downtown and this lady was walkin... ANYWAY. Yes, I've seen it but I don't think I was the intended audience.

Always be fiscally responsible! Always!


I so totally would do the ruffly socks with high heels. But then again I'm the one who was hoping the local theater would do the full-on Rocky Horror Picture Show so I could maybe meet the guy in the corset.
And, I got a question. Why do they charge as much for e-books as for paper ones? Or is it only in college textbooks that they expect you to spend that much?

Cindy G

Just wish I could wear heels with anything - the pain is too excruciating. Would I wear them with socks? Probably not.


I'm with you on the heels with socks - and I live in the city, not the sticks.

The Bloggess is so delightfully funny. I had an elderly neighbor who willed me her axe although I hadn't thought to use it on my husband ...hmmm... lucky for him he's out of town ... muahahaha!

The monster pants are exquisite!

I have the same technique with Amazon - don't we save a lot of money?!


Oooh, I love the cover sweater on your book! You definitely have to order enough to get free shipping, otherwise, why wait for it to arrive?


Funny you say that, just the other day I ran across a picture on someone's Ravelry project page where she had posed with her Jaywalker socks in heels.

I thought, "????"


OMG! Monster Pants!! Love 'em!

Heels and socks? Not so much. Never done it myself.

Fiscally responsible AND well-balanced ;)


I sort of blame CookieA. for bringing that trend to the knitters. Ya know? The black and white photo could be a sex thing. Dressing up and such. Yes, I'm stopping here.

Love the little pants!


Love the monster pants!!
I wouldn't wear socks with high heels even if I wore high heels...

mary lou

If I didn't already have a monster bum I'd be making myself a pair of those. But no heels.


Can't say I've ever worn socks with heels. Maybe they only do that in NY where it's cold and it's a fashion statement??

Love the monster pants. Added it to my queue on ravelry :)


Socks and heels, no, just no. I do remember the lacy anklets with heels in the 80's. I said no then, also, and was the 'right' age category to wear them. Monster butt is darling, and reminds me of the Decauter (Washington) Gators wrestling singlets. They had eyes on the back of them. On the large boys they were above the upper curve of the hind quarters, on the little guys (101 and 108 weight classes) the eyes were below the bottom curve. So funny. DD and I had a good giggle about the eyes.


Do you people not read Vogue? Does the Milltown Public Library only order it for me? Socks with heels are being seen now from time to time again. And, Sorrel boots are SOOOOOO IN this year!!!!!

See this http://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/trends/2009-2010-autumn-winter/091125-socks.aspx


glo in the dark yak traks! I just ordered that book too, but from the blue company... it was actually a few cents cheaper.


Glow-in-the-dark Yak Trax? A whole new world beckons...

I'm in agreement that those toddler pants are killer cute. In related news, today there was a knock on the door, and when I opened it, there stood a neighbor whom I've seen three times in the last five months. She's nice and all, but I was a little bewildered when she started explaining some situation in Turkish while handing me her two-year-old. I "got" that she wanted me to watch the kid while she went "over there," kind of near the big castle, to do something. I stood there holding her toddler, and just as I was about to close the door, she mimed knitting.

So I watched her kid for half an hour while she knitted. Fair enough.


Socks and high heels should've stayed back in the 80s...

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