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22 February 2011



Sorry the topic's not a good one for you. Cool snow pics!

Mary Lou

Not a mixed drink drinker either. The flame and the plow - maybe you could write a novel with that name.




I know everybody's all gripey about it this year, but I think snow is absolutely gorgeous, and never tire of looking at it, or watching it fall.


I could be taking those exact same pictures, if I wanted to go out in the, you know, snow...


somehow it seems less snowy these days around here. maybe it's because the sun has actually been shining, even though everything on the ground is white (or gray/brown from the road dirt).


Ugh! Looks just like my house. No place to put the snow and I'm too short to throw it up to the tops of the piles....

I'm not a mixed drink person either but I love beer!


Wow. I had a dream the other night that we had as much snow as what's on your patio furniture. It was awesome! :o)


Pretty! I happen to like snow (although not after February; then it needs to stop). Love the photos. :-)


No no, Mary Lou: The Flame and the Plough sounds like the perfect name for a pub somewhere out in the sticks!

Lovely pics, Kat- it's nice for me to enjoy them without having to endure the weather that produced them!


Nope. It didn't work. I still like snow.

I saw a forsythia bloom yesterday. Just one.


holy smuckin' smokes! the photos are pretty much breath taking, that first one?!?!?!?!?!!!!! wowzers. I think snow is beautiful. and those snowflakes? outstanding.


So. Tired. Of. Snow.

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