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15 February 2011


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My Google Reader subscriptions are growing a lot today!


Oh, dear. I already subscribe to several of those, but looks like I'll be adding to the list again.
Just when I thought I was getting it under control...


What about pitter pats of baby cats? :D


Ever read "Steam me up kid dot blogspot dot com"
Very most excellent side splitting humor!


I knew I'd be in trouble. Knew it! I should just Not Read the Ten on Tuesday posts today.


You introduced me to The Bloggesss and I love her, so now I'll have to go check out the others.


I've been ... uh ... checking out everyone's Ten on Tuesday posts ;)
Yes, you introduced me to The Bloggess some time ago and, now, Neil Gaiman. (Excellent, like I have nothing else to do ...)

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