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01 May 2011



Sounds like a useful class!! Yeah, been a while since I bothered to go to the market at Yarnover. I just have TOO MUCH YARN.


Now that sounds like a GREAT class! I would love to have joined you all. (And you are so strong to resist the purchase of yarn. Good for you!)


It was fun running into you! (Almost literally.)

I restrained myself, but was thrilled to find two books of Japanese stitch patterns which I have been wanting for quite a while...from the Yarnery, and last day of their 20% off sale! Plus some alpaca in various natural colors came home with me, and also I have been wanting a Jennie the Potter yarn bowl for years as well (almost got one at Rhinebeck, but the thought of lugging it home and the silliness of buying pottery from a Minnesota artisan in New York dissuaded me). So then I got a Jennie mug, too....which was a commemorative mug, as it turned out! Hooray! (OK, just a couple other skeins came home with me, but one of them literally DID have my name on it....from Three Irish Girls...)

Anyway, my classes were great too!
I wonder if that second yarn was kind of like the Jamieson Spindrift that Nancy Bush gave us to knit lace with. Very crunchy, and weird to those of us used to superwash merino, but it blocked like a dream, and such stitch definition!


Both classes sound like fun!
What a revelation your sampler is. Lucky you to get to try all those breeds!


Glad you had fun. I bought one (1) pattern - yeah for me!

Good to see you - maybe we'll run into each other at knit night...

Cindy in WI

Both classes sound great! I love swatching to experiment (gauge swtching not so much). And were I to find myself in the presence of TechKnitter, I think my immediate response would be "I am not worthy!"

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