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07 September 2011



So glad you had a grand time Way Up North! Can't wait to see the photos and knitting. :-) No good sources for ebooks in this comment. I have iBooks on my iPad -- and would love a compatible source. (But. Since it's an iProduct, iAm sure iAm out.of.luck.)


I seem to always need a few tries to get the free books on my nook but am slowly getting better.
Free book sites:
google ebookstore (search for free ones) and Project gutenberg
I have been told to but have not yet checked out a trade site: eBook Fling

Good luck!


The nook store releases a free book every friday! Between those & the books that cost less than $5 - I've managed to spend less on books this year than any other year before.


I bought myself a Kindle for my birthday last July, and every day I love it more than the day before! Enjoy!


Keep an eye on this blog for free/reduced ebooks: http://blog.booksontheknob.org/

There tend to be more free Kindle books than anything else, but with my iPad and the Kindle app for iPad I'm all set. For Agency books if they are free one place they should be free everywhere else as well. Since going electronic last Christmas most of my reading has been free. You'll also find books in other formats that your nook can handle. I agree that libraries don't tend to have much, but find a book you want and get on the waiting list just like you always have.


I was going to give you the same blog as Jeanne. I find that there are much more Nook books than there previously were. (I have a Kindle.)




So far I remain ebook reader free. How big is the Nook? I won't divulge how long it took me to realize that was not a picture of said Nook.

Also 'heh' at the read bit. Well done.


If you play on ravelry, there are several groups that are devoted to the nook and to e-readers in general. They always have good site suggestions. Search rav forums with variations of nook, e-book, free e-book/ebook, etc. You'll come up with enough to keep you busy for a while. ^_^


I have a Nook! The thing I love best is that you don't have to flip over every time you turn a page, when you're reading in bed.
I second Project Gutenberg (You might have to download a translation program - I use Calibre). I've got a bunch of Sherlock Holmes, Portrait of the Artist as a young man, some Swedish fairy tales, and I found a site to download To The Lighthouse. I take the thing to bed with me, being sure to put it away before I fall asleep. Reduces the number of physical objects I have in bed at any one time.



Another one gives in to the ebook.

I think you'll enjoy reading this article about book technology:

Gutenberg is good. Also this: http://www.planetebook.com/ has a carefully chosen selection. And do you know LibriVox for audio books? http://librivox.org/


I got a Kindle for my birthday. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do...
My husband got it for me, thinking it would reduce the total number of books in the house. Silly man...


Yay for ebooks! Try Manybooks (http://www.manybooks.net/) for free books. You can read epub with the Nook, can't you?

I still read a fair number of 'analog' books, but I do really like my ebook. It's especially handy for reading while eating...just prop that sucker up and press a button when it's time to turn a page.


Yay for you! You have great commenters (who know how to find free books! Not that I lack for reading material, but I'm always on the look out for options.)

Joan in Reno

I'm late to the party, but Barnes & Noble has free ebooks on their site. I have a Kindle, but my friend has a Nook and gets lots of free books there. Search "free books" on their ebook site.

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