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17 October 2011



:) "I'll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one." Love that line.

Nice piece, thanks for posting it.




Oh, yeah! Power to the people!


I so appreciate your coverage of the excitement in NYC. I think this movement is one of the most incredible things to happen in too long.
Yet, I remain frustrated that the group doesn't yet have specific goals and plans to reach them. It's not because I won't like the answer. It's that I want to see this group in NYC - and around the country - be VERY successful! I want to see them change the world and I think they have a real shot at it!
I want to see their energy not just used to exist and have fun, but to make a marked change in the world that will be lasting through my lifetime at the very least!
So, thanks for listening to my vent!
I gues my sign would read something like: Pick a goal and move forward! Change the world!

#1 son

Carleen, the Occupy Wall Street movement is one month old as of today, and it's not going away any time soon. I hope and expect we'll pick demands eventually, but for now their absence certainly hasn't stopped this young movement from growing and spreading far beyond anyone's expectations a month ago. Since you want this movement to succeed in changing the world, I invite you to bring your heart and your creativity to your local occupy and say what you think the goals should be:



Good for him!

I recently found a pay stub from 1998 in a book. Unfortunately, my income has gone up very little, and my benefits have gone way down. I'm delighted that son#1 (and company) is standing up for those of us who have lost so much ground.

Glad to see that he writes so well too.


What a great kid!


Well done!

Mary Lou

Thanks for the references, as well. I like to have backup.

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