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14 January 2012



I spotted one of my girls wearing a Calorimetry the other day -- I was on a roll with those when that pattern came out! It looks great!

My uncle was a doctor in Duluth for many years; he's retired and living just a little south of there now (like 30 miles south, not "Florida" south), but my cousin still lives there. I used to LOVE driving up there when I was a kid -- we'd always arrive at night and it was so cool to see Duluth all lit up on the approach. My cousins also had the coolest tree house in their back yard, with three trees going right through it! Anyway, cool that Andrew will be so close for a while. And thanks for the new read!


I love Duluth, but those hills! But the Lake! And think how few miles he will be from Betty's Pies.
I wonder what Turkish food is like...


Lovely-I'm off to visit her now!



I LOVE that, i love knitted "things"


I love your detailed notes on this project!


It's lovely!


You did a great job! Wonderful colors for her.


You remain THE BEST.

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