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24 May 2012


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Sorry about all the in-between stuff, but Yay! Bionic People! I'm glad you will be getting better.


Oh, honey, I am so sorry! Thank goodness you both have teams of people looking after you and you both seem to have good plans.


Wow and ouch and yikes!


Ow -good luck with it all.

And if you want pointers on how to eat all that meat, I would suggest chatting with Boy-child. He can eat that much protein in one sitting.

Big Alice

Good luck with this year. I am sorry you are having to cope with it. Heal quickly, both of you!

I would have a hard time with the gluten & sugar, sigh
Maybe this will help?: I cannot say I am a huge fan of kale, but I love this salad:
actually I love this salad at the pizza place who makes it, and I really want to try to make it myself. And for years I was no salad person, but this is like greens ought to be.


Making changes like this can be hard, even when you know it's for the best. You can do this, though!


Oh dear! So sorry about the health problems. But hopefully all will turn out and you both will be soooo much better. Kinda stinks that this will be a recuperating summer, but future ones will be full of activities and enjoyment - pain free! Wishing you and Smokey a great weekend. Relax. Enjoy.


Whew! That's a lot of rebuilding!! I know you'll do just fine...


Good luck to both of you! And I can't believe no one noticed how messed up his poor spine was earlier. Eep!

Oats tend to be cross-contaminated unless they're certified otherwise, but since you're not actually gluten-intolerant, it probably isn't a big deal for you.

I was going to recommend Tinkyada brown rice pasta to you - is that what you happened to get? Avoid corn pasta (unless it's mixed with quinoa), because it is kinda gross when you cook it. Oh, and DeBoles (sp?) has some no precooking required lasagna noodles that work really well.

Mary Lou

Sorry you have to do it, but hooray for modern medicine. One of my riding buddies had a hip replacement, she did a bunch of phyical therapy to get as strong as she good before the surgery and came thru with flying colors. She's riding again. (She is in her 60's, btw.) Best of luck to both of you.

Sheepish Annie

Telling a person who is in pain that they have to eat broccoli...that is just too cruel!!


Well Wishes!
I'm trying to eat more protein too.. it isn't easy... Greek Yogurt, grilled chicken breast - avoiding soy because they suspect it messes with my thyroid - beans... quinoa... lentils..eggs
I'm learning all about non-meat protein sources that aren't soy because ThePrincess is vegetarian now.


Wow - that's a lot going on for one year. Excellent to make the dietary changes pre-surgery; it can't hurt and it may help. (And I'm all for "the body is a temple" and what you put into it matters. A lot.)

It's also a tremendous amount of "work" - as in, a major change that goes counter to current marketing practices. (My method to counter the marketing is to sort of plan out the good food for the day, and eat that first. If I get through it all, I can have whatever I want.)

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