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04 July 2012


Sheepish Annie

I do love a good old fashioned town festival! Sounds like fun. Sorry about the heat, though. I don't function well in the higher temps at all!


That looks like a load of fun (well, except for that nasty house fire...). You can't even tell how hot it is...


Your little town reminds me so much of where my Mom lives. Very sweet!! Looks like loads of fun...except for the house fire of course. :-)


So, how many clues did it take to find the medallion? Or are they still looking?


I walked down to cheer participants in the Firecracker 5K yesterday and I just can't imagine how anyone walked, much less ran, 5K in the kind of weather we're having. I watched fireworks on TV last night!


What an adorable little town! It must be nice to be able to actually enjoy your town in summer, as opposed to mine, which is completely inundated with tourists from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Sigh.


A tractor show! That sounds like fun.

That poor house but thankfully the family is safe.

That's what our library does! Everything for a buck and grab bags at the end of it. I feel that I MUST participate. For the good of the community.


Thanks for sharing your pictures of summer fun, while it's too hot to go out to partake of summer fun. :)


What a busy little hamlet!


So glad for your functional camera! What fun. Hope things have cooled down up your way. (We finally got a break yesterday. Well. Kind of. You know it's been bad. . . when 90 is a break!)


Oh, like a fine car, you, too, are a classic! I love all these glimpses of summer around town--although notsomuch the burned Victorian. That's terribly sad. Not even Boy Scouts and cotton candy can make up for its loss.

A library book sale, though? Comes close.

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