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09 September 2012



Oh, I remember how happy having clean windows makes me. *making no move to go clean filthy windows*

Cindy G

Hi, and thanks for the Welcome back" - so far just tentatively dipping my toe back into the blogosphere. Nice to find you still here.


That's what I like about my other job (working with DH, who has had a window-cleaning business here for 35 years)....step back (well, maybe not too far back) and admire your work. And how happy it makes most people to enjoy their clean windows.


I'm always stunned at how much I like the clean windows :)

Of course, I make a point of washing them on the first spring day that they get opened. This makes me and the cats very happy.


I want a Scotty! I want a Scotty ten years ago!!


I've read the first of the Parasol Protectorate books and enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to the rest of them!
I should probably clean our windows, but there are sooooo many things to do with higher priority that I don't think I'll get to it. Is Scotty available on loan?


Your windows (and the view they reflect) are beautiful!

It was nice to see you on Friday, if only briefly. Hope your eye gets better soon!

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