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10 January 2013



Gosh! I hope she read my compliment, even though I don't own the book. Yet.
Just an aside, but will we be free of snow by April 22nd? I am driving the tiny car this winter, you know.


Before all the controversies over privacy, and whether kids were using it for bullying and whatever, I thought that Facebook's strong point was that it kept you up to date on the minutiae of your friends' lives. It's hard to remain close to someone if you only exchange birthday cards and Christmas cards—too much of the little stuff happens in the meantime. Ditto for Twitter, although I've found it's often keeping me up to date on the details of strangers' lives. But then again, I remember reading someone's observation that Facebook is for keeping in touch with people you know, Twitter is for getting to know new people.


Very nice!! It's always fun when you get confirmation that they really are flesh and blood.

I'm always surprised when people apologize for the trivia, make excuses for not posting or split their activities up into different blogs.

I was all for skipping a tax season. By the time it's all ready to go, it's going to be March anyway. ;)


I forgot to mention my lifelong devotion to plowing!

Or not.


Even I'm not interested in the Art of Plowing...

Big Alice

No, not bored. I agree with you. Except on the Art of Plowing.

Sometimes, I could do without being an adult. Happy plowed driveway!

Big Alice

Also, WOW on the Ann Budd!


Kay Gardiner once liked one of my projects (from one of her books), then friended me on Ravelry. I practically swooned! ;-)


Knit something else from her book and see what happens. I can confirm that she isamazing at paying mindful attention to her adoring fans.


Steroids? I LOVE STERIODS!!!! I'm best self on steroids! Enjoy your cortisone! I would!

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