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08 January 2013



I must get That Book. I took it out of the library to construct the pattern for a sweater based on the dimensions of a favorite store-bought sweater. Frankenstein construction, absolutely perfect fit.

If you put off the surgery till after April 15 (which really means sometime around May), will you be well enough to go camping in the Rockies over the summer? If yes, then postpone, and spend the money on souvenir yarn. If no, then no. My two cents.


And I love those mitts. I hadn't thought about long mitts for reading in bed. Will get on it soon.


After I say hi here, I must go read that Downton live tweet. YUM.

I think I'd take the cortisone shot and work tax season--both for the money and for the fact that the recovery from surgery wouldn't be happening during the icy months.

Speaking of the icy months, I don't have the fingerless glove look, but it's genius!


If the shots give you relief you could wait until May, but I worry about you sitting at the desk for so many hours in the day. If you think you can handle it, and you need the yarn money (don't we always?) waiting is a good option.


I would definitely work tax season and do the surgery after, because moneys. But that's just me.


I vote for surgery post tax season. Just seems to make sense. Love the Twitter feed.


I say don't put off the surgery. Get fixed, get better, recover in the winter and early spring, enjoy the summer.

Waiting seems so hard and not worth the worry. Life's too short to work so much.


How much do you enjoy your work? Would you miss it if you had to wait another year? It has always seemed to me as though you enjoy it, but you have to be the judge. I know if I worked only a few months out of the year I wouldn't want to miss it, but I really like what I do.

Would the recovery be better/easier in winter or spring, or does it not matter?

Those are the things I would be looking at. Money is nice, but it's not everything. Yarn is everything ;-)


The way you say "pleasant boost to the checking account" suggests to me that that's your preferred option. I take it the medical people said it was fine either way?

I suspect the glass thermometers were deemed too dangerous to use, once there were viable alternatives. Even if there was no mercury, there's that bit about maybe having broken glass in your mouth (or a child's mouth—ack!). Did you want one only because that electronic one from Wal-Mart was defective, or do you prefer them generally? I bought an electronic one from CVS last year that has only pissed me off because the battery died right at the start of my current cold (apparently there's a little drain on the battery when it's not in use—who knew?). Re-batteried, though, I'm appreciating the quick readings in large clear numbers.


I'd postpone it until the summer myself but then again, the IRS is supposed to have the revised Form 4562's done by Feb/March. REALLY? Depreciation? Isn't it bad enough the financial firms don't get corrected info out until mid March? Should I just go rant on my blog? Sry. ;)

Those mitts are really darling!! They look pretty warm as well.


I do enough returns that it is worth it to keep my PTIN, but generally not a lot more. I have a feeling this is going to be one of THOSE years. The people I do returns for are already asking if they can refer friends to me. So basically the question is, are you going to want to do taxes next year? I think this may be one of the years that a lot of stuff gets changed, and you need to be in the thick of it this year, for next year to make sense. Of course, that is depending on the government actually doing their job and writing and passing spending bills, rather than a bunch of stop gap measures.

If you want to continue working in the future, I say schedule your surgery for April 22, and work tax season. You will heal faster in nicer weather anyway.

Cindy G

Whoa, checked in to see how you were doing post surgery and....

Guess only scheduling advice is go with what feels most right to you.

I love the mitts - I have a ribbed pair myself and love the cozy fit. I think your coffee serving friend will really like them. Also, yes, the Budd book is a treasure.

Good luck with the season whether it is taxes or surgery.

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