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27 January 2013



(You're supposed to clean fans?) It did turn suddenly warm, didn't it? With thunder and lightening and everything, even. Now THIS is a January Thaw. . .

Deb Winslow

What a great idea! Bed Mittens.

The upstairs in my older home, doesn't have heat and my hands get cold when I'm reading in bed.

Thanks for the idea.


They have a Swiffer duster with a magic extendo-handle that should do the trick for your ceiling fan. Except that I have been scouring stores for it for about a month now and have yet to spot one.

(I have bookshelves filled with books that I cannot reach ever since moving the couch. Oh, so dusty.)


I was gonna say, there's a device for that. But somebody got there first.
High of 5 degrees on Thursday, up here. Colder in the cities, by you. I think you might get to use those gloves. And soon.


Picture one: kmkat took a picture of her leftmitt with her right hand. No biggie if she's right handed

Picture two: kmkat took a picture of her right mitt with her left hand. It surprises me not that kmkat is so very ambidextrous. She is, in fact a knitting accountant. That should say it all.

Picture three: WTH? I didn't realize kmkat had two arms and a hidden third one just for picture taking. You're amazing.


Lovely mitts - I'm sure it will get cold again, given that you're in WI and it's January. Call it a hunch.

Also, those fans only have to be cleaned when you sell the house - at least that's how it worked for me ;-)

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