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03 January 2013



Hope you're feeling better. Thanks for the link for the tuque; had never heard of that word before.

Big Alice

Good luck on the surgery. I'm sorry about the joint pain with the aspirin.

If the Rowan doesn't work out, I think I've got 350 yards of wooly DK in blue, and I'm happy to send it to you (trying to reduce my own stash). I don't know if it's the right blue, but I can take a picture. Just let me know. I'd rather someone just took it and used it than it just sat in boxes for years, taking up space.


I think the beauty of stash busting is that you use yarns that you wouldn't normally think to use. The Rowan is a beautiful color and I'm eager to see how it turns out!


I'll be thinking of you on surgery day! Yeah, it isn't even worth it for me to take Tylenol. *sigh*


Ah, Tylenol. Doesn't seem to do much for my headaches either. Wow, your 2013 sounds quite productive already knitting-wise.


A friend of mine just got a new knee; then it will be you; then another friend out in Washington. If all three of you come through with flying colors (of which I am certain), I will start browbeating a friend here to get hers (yes, both) done. She can hardly walk, and it's just stupid. She is actually old, as opposed to all of you, who were merely too active and wore yourselves out.
And my brother called and told me he needs a hip replaced; thing is, he has no insurance. He lives in Minnesota though; I have hopes. If he can't get it replaced, he'll be permanently disabled (he's a chef).

So. All this means positive and energizing vibes to you.

Sheepish Annie

Good luck with the impending surgery. I know it sucks now but I hear the relief once it's done is amazing!


Ugh about the surgery, but I hope it goes swimmingly, and that you enjoy the rest (enforced and drug induced, I know, but it is a rest of sorts...)


Good luck with your surgery, and I hope you have an quick and easy recovery!


My mom is Canadian. I'm well-versed in The Tuque. (Although I was taunted in my American elementary school for using the term.) Tylenol is not an anti-inflammatory. Great fever-reducer; works on most of my headaches. But. It does NOTHIN' for joint inflammation. Hang in there! Soon they'll be giving you The Good Stuff. :-)


The countdown is the worst part. Hopefully. But almost here! and you should be recovered in time for tax season. ;)



Will you be in the city? Let me know if you want visitors. Or yarn delivery.

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