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07 March 2013



Clever bunny!


Whew! (Fully in favor of the circle of life and all that, but the dogs didn't seem to be in any danger of starving if they didn't eat the bunny, so it's just as well Bunny didn't die for entertainment's sake.)


I would have done the EXACT same thing!


Smart (and patient) bunny!!




Years ago, a friend of mine had a beloved pet rabbit that lived on his back porch. One day, a roaming dog chased it off the porch and around the yard until the rabbit suddenly collapsed and died. My friend arrived at just that moment, scared off the dog, and picked up his little bunny. He sat down on the porch, cradling the limp body, berating himself for not taking better care of it, mourning the loss of a small creature he loved, and trying very hard not to cry. Suddenly the bunny kicked its feet, righted itself in his lap, and looked up at him.
Then he did cry.
(He later read about this rabbit self-defense mechanism, which made it seem a bit less miraculous...)

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