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16 March 2013



Those maps were really cool!

Big Alice

Thanks for the links, the obit in particular. I was laughing out loud.


Lust and Pride. I am terribly unsurprised.
But kitties!


Always love every link. Thanks for taking the time to put linketty post together!


Wish I had know Harry Stamps (altho I like arugula & cilantro, and have nothing against Daylight Saving Time) ... Love, love, love the maps ... the Kindle-as-bookmark is priceless!


I'm still wondering how they gathered the data for the seven sins map...
Love all the linkies. Meow!


We can all start collecting data for your obit. Fortunately, all those things you like memes will make it easy. Would you like to be called "Natty?"


Cows have best friends? I LOVE knowing that.

And I can't help myself: I am never getting over those otters holding hands.

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