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24 March 2013



I love double knitting! It's the perfect way to avoid all those awful floats in colorwork. (Imagine that celtic knot in regular stranded color knitting - what a nightmare the floats would be!
I need to dig out Madman's socks and finish them. Because that project stalled forever ago. And it was a lot of fun. (Off to rummage through my WIP bags. Again.)


Love the trivet - used it again today.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out double knitting yet. Maybe next year ;-)


I've tried double knitting, but not felting. This is going on my todo list for sure, because yours looks great.


I love it!


What a perfect housewarming project! I've not yet tried double knitting, but you just may have convinced me to add it to my must-try-at-some-point knitting list. (And felting is somewhat miraculous at smoothing out the wrinkles.)


My favorite pot holders are a pair I felted - something amazing about felted wool in the kitchen... and for hiding any eclectic knitting.


Nice work! And I love the idea of felting a double knitting project, it would really look awesome.


Holy crikey, but you are GOOD.

I need to move.

So, you know, you could...make...me...


I love it! It looks great. I did one project in double knitting, and I'm not anxious to do another. SO HARD.

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