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05 March 2013



Yikes! Although given the lack of blood, and the unlikelihood that a dog would be able to outrun a rabbit over snow, I would have suspected that the bunny died elsewhere, and the dogs just found it and brought it back.


Reminds me of the time I found a bunny foot sticking out of a snowpile in the back yard .... Never figured out if the cat got it or if meet its demise otherwise!


I've just had the fun of watching my car disappear under this storm. Though the cat might have enjoyed the bunny TV from her window if one went passed. All I saw on the wild front today were the platoon of geese and one of the resident coyotes. Though a few years ago the local bunny population was quick useful during the winter at trimming my leeks. I didn't have to go out and cut them down from late November until I was ready to harvest them in April. Lazy gardening.


Poor bunny!

I had no idea your driveway was so steep. I bet you have a few winter stories there.


Oh! (But there are Plenty More where that one came from. . .)


He's just napping.


Dear Claire, hilarious. Thanks for being the straight man kmkat


Glad I read saw the post theorizing that the bunny was just playing dead first...

So, so, so over this winter stuff.

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