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08 July 2013



I agree about the face! I thought I'd seen it in a movie too. I'm thankful Smokey figured it out because it could have driven me crazy trying to figure out which one :)


Oh darn, I totally woulda won that one! In fact, when I looked at the picture, that scene in "The Abyss" was my first thought, too.


Shoot. I woulda won.
Didn't it have another end in some version? I remember my brother telling me how much he hated the happy ending. (I come from the dark side, you know.)


Shoot! I could'a been a winner! (I think I might want to see the rest of your neighbor's property! Bet there are more treasures to be found within. . .)


Sorry, I saw the face as soon as I looked at the picture. And immediately thought, "oh, it looks like that face in 'The Abyss'"...
And I agree with Kym. You need to go over to borrow a cup of sugar. And take your camera.

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