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18 August 2013



Hmmm... The original pattern uses a plain short row heel, but the photos are from an adaptation (without notes!) of the original. No wonder it's confusing! Though I do like the adaptation better...


My main art history teacher (I may be permanently scarred from his classes, but that's what college is for, right?) (oh, snap - I said scarred. Heh) says that dueling scars developed that particular scar because the wounded man put a horsehair inside the cut.
This possibly explains why I liked the chapter on white in Moby Dick.

The heel looks like trouble. Have fun!


So with you on the Mysterious Ways. Good luck with the sock. . .


I have a plain vanilla sock that I work on when the Snicket exhausts my patience. The plain sock is rather further along ;-)

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So with you on the Mysterious Ways. Good luck with the sock. . .

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I did my own (not a short-row and not as the pattern was written) heel when I made those socks. They are one of my favorite pair of socks ever - Knit on!

(I take it the Bad::Karma goes with the Cheat::Taxes and not Share::Cookies or Social::Justice)

I'm off to watch the video now. Thanks. I always love your links and stuff. Looking at your blog is the perfect mid-morning break.


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