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01 October 2013



I agree with all chores on your list. Plus all the chores on Carole's list. And all the chores on my list. Plus probably all the chores on all the lists I will read today. I think it's safe to say that I just HATES chores altogether. (And I'm pretty sure that I will Never Learn.)

Bob Seger's Old Time R&R is THE ultimate get-on-the-dance-floor song!


I'm with you on those chores. I live with a lot of long haired people and pets, too!


I don't mind doing the dishes. I mean, it's not my favorite, but I don't mind it. In fact, that's my standard job at family get-togethers like Thanksgiving. Other people bring appetizers or whatever, but I'm terrible at cooking. so my contribution is to do all the hand-washing of pots, pans, champagne flutes, etc.

Every other chore can go **** itself as far as I'm concerned.

Mary Lou

I hate putting things away, too. I don't mind grocery shopping, hate putting the stuff away. Don't mind lau dry, hate putting it away. I think there is a theme here.


Does Smokey have a brother?


I usually don't mind the beginnings of a chore, but loathe the ends. Laundry is fine up through dumping it in the dryer, but hate folding and putting away. Packing for a move, but please don't make me unpack. Loading and running the dishwasher (back when we used the dishwasher), but can't stand emptying it.
It occurs to me that this might have something to do with the number of unfinished knitting projects I have lying around...


I am right with you on the vacuuming. I hate the noise. Wearing my iPod has helped, but I still don't do it often enough. 4 dogs and 2 cats makes for serious dust monsters.

I found that putting things away is much easier if drawers and cabinets have room for the stuff you are trying to put away. Maybe it is time to weed out old T-shirts and expired cans of sauerkraut?

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