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02 December 2013



It's the simple ones that are the biggest adventures! She's gonna love it.


I had the same sort of problem with my first try at a different cowl last week.

1st attempt: 6 tries later I actually managed to cast-on with just the right amount of yarn left in the tail and the right number of stitches on the needles. Knit cowl. Cast-off. Discover that both the cast-on and cast-off are really too tight despite what I'd been trying to tell myself about the cast-on since the 3rd row. Frogged.

2nd attempt: Tried out 5 different stretchy cast-ons. Finally decided on the the most complicated one. (To my way of thinking, name currently unremembered.) Thought I should modify part of the pattern to make it shorter in height. Finished. Got the perfect cast-off and discovered that it was much to short this time. Frogged.

3rd attempt: After a few minor issues with the casting on smooth sailing. Until I began the cast-off with just my basic bind-off. Only got oh half way through it before I realized I was doing the wrong one. Tinked it back. Finally had a completed cowl.

Now I've got four more to do in the next few weeks for Holiday presents for my husband to give to folks at work. I've got 12 days. (And of course the Advent shawl - I'm three days behind at this point - and some other minor projects (shawls) to finish by Christmas.


You are a very patient person.

If she doesn't like it I'll go beat her up for you ;-)


'Cause I don't knit, I can only comment:


Except, wait. I'm the mother of a teen.

Big Alice

> Does everyone go through this much trial and error to get their desired result?

YES. Except I tend to give up sooner.

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