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09 January 2014



See! This is the type of thing that one would find on your blog! ;)


I am literally LMAO. Literally. Because I live in Vermont...


I know people who need this tip.


lol I live in Japan, they don't heat houses in the same manner as in the US so the bathroom can be very cold in winter (the refrigerator can be warmer than parts of the house), and they sell terrycloth covers to put over the toilet seats. They can be thrown in the washing machine when needed. This is an excellent substitute! It does make a difference.


LOL!! would be great in northern MN, too! This could be a whole new meaning to...."stick a sock in it"!! Too funny.


Oh! This is exactly what we need in the restroom at my office! (There is absolutely no excuse for a cold bathroom. . .)


Well that's just cunning!

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