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17 January 2014



I haven't had problems. Let's see. I'm on Chrome/Windows 7.


I'm on Windows 8/IE 10.


I'm on an iPad using IOS 7.


Heh. I was just in the middle of asking everyone to tell me their browser and version when they comment, assuming they can. You beat me to it. Because you are a techie :-)




Typepad has been having issues with commenting for the last 20 hours or so. Put in a Help Ticket or mention it to Melanie on Twitter. @Typepad



Nancy G

No problem here. I'm using (now, don't laugh) Windows XP Pro, browser is Firefox 26.0. And now, for something really laughable, but apropos of nothing, my computer is an IBM Thinkpad T43. That's your humor for the day!


Windows 8.1 and Firefox 26.0 (with the Red Cats [blue flavor] skin)


Um, some relatively recent version of Chrome? With an out of date Mac? The one before Snow Leopard, because that's what I should have installed this week instead of messing around.


Chrome, on a Win7 HP laptop.


Belatedly, but nobody seems to be using Linux, so here goes: comment.


I'm belated too, but this is Firefox on an NT server.

Smiles hope the problem is fixed and this is totally superfluous.

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