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20 April 2014



I mentioned I'm taking statistics? "Fail to reject the null hypothesis."
I just have to pass this course. And five others, but...


And how did you get 70º? we were happy with 50.

Also; trumpeters summer up here on the bay. You know how you see duck butts, and goose butts? We get BIG WHITE SWAN BUTTS! It can be distracting.


I think you were wise to go for the 400+ stitches on the linen stitch scarf. I'm the one that had the too long scarf and ended up frogging it completely. I reknit is side to side, not end to end and held the yarn double...it ended up a very respectable length to wear and the fabric 'hand' came out much better too. It went in the mail yesterday to my aunt. Too late for even this spring, but she is doing a trip to Alaska (inner passage) this summer and she might be able to use it then. Good luck on yours.


I'd like to type about the recent snow, but I'm here in Orlando where it was 89 degrees today. Good lawsy, but I needed this.

I'm sure you understand.

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