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30 April 2014



I'm sorry you caught the cold. Ugh. I'm sorry about the linen stitch nightmare. I swear, linen stitch will thwart me every time! (I love it so. I'm completely charmed by it. Can.Not.Do.It.) As for House -- I binge-watched it years ago back when you still ordered DVDs in the mail from Netflix. It got old pretty fast, but I just love Hugh Laurie. So I watched it way past it's expiration date. . .


I agree completely with you about the linen stitch. It shouldn't be hard, but I screwed it up countless times when I did a Mini Mania scarf.


Ditto on the linen stitch. I love the look and have tried several times to make a scarf, but always end up messing up the pattern. The stitch markers are a great idea. Maybe I'll give it one more try.


You crack me up - I remember you had problems with the Montego Bay scarf. For all the lovely, complicated stuff you knit it just doesn't seem possible that the two stitch repeats throw you off!

Just keep at it. You'll get there!


I'm the one that completely frogged a too long linen scarf and re knit it side to side to get a decent width and length, but I confess I spent time going back in lots of rows to fix 'small' mistakes both times I knit the scarf. It seems to happen about the time you have that smug feeling you can do the stitch without looking. "Pride goeth before a fall." :)

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