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21 June 2014



Starbucks isn't actually paying its employees' tuition costs. They aren't actually paying anything. Not one thin dime. Management today admitted that all they had done was to get ASU to lower tuition on on-line courses for Starbucks employees, who are then supposed to apply for Pell Grants and other federal funds to cover the rest of the costs. If they make it to their Junior year, when ASU will require full tuition, Starbucks will lend them the money. At the going rate. Creative Accounting should be a required course.


I saw that Medieval POC post. I see a lot of threatened violence all over the place - Freethought Blogs get a lot. I kinda had to make somebody into mincemeat over "oh, it's not that serious." (And in a moment of serendipity, there was just a "Stop Bullying" ad on tv. Huh.)

But Kittehs! Katniss is getting pretty good at walking on her leash. Yes, I take my cat for walks.

I'm sure the neighbors know who I am by now.

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