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26 June 2014



Alas about your iPad. No words of iPad advice from this Android tablet user. :D


No help here. No iAnything. No tablet either. I only have an antique cellphone (which I like because it opens like a Star Trek communicator...)


Quite profoundly, I gots nuthin'.

But I like your son's advice. And the idea of Smokey smelling smokey.


Leave it to a company to create a kit that is impossible to use without starting a fire just to make a buck? I really like my iPad Air and the retina display. I say go for it!


I have an iPad2 which I love. I wouldn't be able to wait ;-)

(Actually I loaned mine out because I got a Nexus 7 from work. I am not an Andriod lover. Sooooo happy to have the iPad back!)


If you can make do with something else like a smartphone, I lean towards waiting for the newest model possible. Not because of the prestige of having a trendier iPad than your friends but because it can be updated longer. My iPad 2 can still handle almost anything I ask it to, but I've noticed that some apps take longer to load than they used to, and I've got one app that I can only use on my iPhone 5 because the iPad has isn't modern enough for it. I'll probably update it when either the battery stops holding a charge (I had no intention of trying to change the battery even before your demonstration of why that's a bad idea) or the iPad no longer takes iOS updates. I'm not sure which will happen first.


My iPad mini has given up the ghost and I too am trying to decide whether to use their Recycle program or not. You might check into that and see if you can get a replacement at a reduced price. For me it would take off about 20% but I'm not sure how long that is good for. I had it less than a year & half. The program doesn't allow for upgrades, but does give you a current model, as far as I understand it.

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