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Scarf for me

Scarf for me

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, 3/4+ of a 175m skein of each of #10 woad (faded denim when it's at home), #22 purple, and #28 turquoise, and ~1-1/4 skeins of #24 claret.
Needles: KnitPicks Options US#6
Gauge: Whatever; this is a scarf, it doesn't matter
Pattern: my own. Cast on 60 st. Begin double knitting: K1, sl1wyif across, ending sl1wyif. Turn and do the same thing across. If you do it right, you end up with a tube closed at both ends. Each section is 28 rows. The first section has 13 rows of purple, 2 rows of red, 13 rows of purple. The second section has 12 rows faded denim, 4 rows red, 12 rows faded denim. Third has 11 rows turquoise, 6 rows red, 11 rows turquiose. And so on until the middle section has 5 rows turquoise 18 rows red, 5 rows turquoise; reverse the number sequence -- but continue the color sequence -- for the second half of the scarf until the last section is 13 rows faded denim, 2 rows red, 13 rows faded denim. I tried binding off as usual, but the bind-off row looked scrunched and didn't match the rest of the knitting. So I bound off by *K2tog twice, then slipping the first stitch over the second as in a normal bind-off* and repeating between the *s. That looked much better.

Coupla things:
* The blues are a little darker and more intense in real life. The darkest blue is actually deep purple. The red in the photos is accurate.
* Right up until I wrapped the scarf around my neck I was thinking I really should have used a Fibonacci stripe pattern. Now I'm satisfied with what I did.